Review Policy & Contact


Note Publishers : If you would like to me to review a book, please read my review policy before contacting me.

What I accept for reviews:

-Finished copy


I am currently accept indie published books.

Genres I will reviews:

For genres I love the most I put a astisk next to it  
-Middle Grade
-Young Adult*
-Fantasy of all types (Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy, etc.) *
-Science Fiction
-History Fiction
-Graphic novels*

Genres I won’t review:

These are the genres that just aren’t my cup of tea.

What I include in my reviews in order of Appearance:

-Cover Art
-Links to Goodreads and Amazon
-The title and author
-Page Length (including other formats it’s available in at the time I reviewed it)
-Release Date
-My rating system out of 5

(1 being didn’t enjoy it, 2 being okay, 3 being liked it, 4 being loved it, 5 all time favorite)
-Synopsis from Goodreads
-My review

Where my reviews will be posted:

Twitter (I send a tweet to let followers I have a new review)


-Can you review a book in the middle of a series?
For me to review a book that is in the middle of a series I need to read the ones that come before the one you want me to review. 
-How long does it take you to review a book?
Please allow 3 weeks for me to post a review so send me the copy of the book at least 3 weeks before the release date of the book.
-Will you do giveaways/author interviews/guest posts?
I would be honored to do those, please go ahead and contact me
-What is your honest policy?
I am always honest in all my posts, reviews and non-reviews. If I don’t like something, you will know. I won’t lie to my readers.

For publishers and other business inquiries, email me at